"I love this place a lot. I've been finding the clean and reasonable price to get the IV Glutathione injection for awhile. Finally, I've found one. I'm so happy for that. Sylvia is the one who did for me. She is so specialist and friendly. She knows what she's doing. My vein is actually really hard to find. But, trust me, She can find it in a short period of time and she could make it very ease and it's not even hurting. So pro! highly recommend to everyone who wants to get the best glutathione injection. They also have variety of facials and body slimming packages. I will try them too. I trust their high quality services. All the staffs are very friendly too. They give me a big smiles every time I come in. FIVE STAR SERVICES!"

-Sparkle C.

"This place has the state of the art.  I had the privilege to give a tour of the spa.  It's like Beverly Hills of Carson - state of the art equipment.  And the place are super clean.  I had big brown spot on my right face for years that make me so insecure.  Tried everything from skin brightner treatment, IPL procedure you name it.  I was loosing hope till I accidentally saw the picture of all kind of treatment she does posted on her window.  The owner who is so intelligent to analyzed immediately and pick the right laser to use on my face.  Sure enough it is gone with two treatment.  Very professional and respectful staffing. If you look on their wall of all the license and training of this place you will feel confident you are going to get the right treatment.  Highly recommended for any stubborn skin problem and facial  treatment.  I'm so happy to discover this place."

​-Teresa R.

"I love Mr. Sylvia, excellent RN, very professional, great customer service, she will make sure she will accomodate me all the time, I've been coming here for several years for Gluthathione IV,and I love it! After IV, I feel rejuvinated and energized. I feel young and pretty :) thanks Mrs. Sylvia and Susan :) Deserve more than 5 stars :))"

-​JB B.

"I recommend this place to those people out there you wants to feel beautiful wants to enhance their beauty. Very affordable. Friendly and accommodating staff. I had my iv glutha and I see the result after 6th session. They don't force you to buy their products which I love about them. :)"

-Joan K. R.

from some of our clients

"I tried their deluxe facial and now,they have a loyal customer. The deluxe facial has everything on it (I honestly forgot the exact procedures done to me). The deluxe facial basically took close to 2 hours of pure bliss. The best part, it only cost me $99 (the amount of work done will cost $250 in other places). You really need to try this."

-Katie S.

"I would recommend this place to everyone! I've been coming to this place for awhile now and will continue to. The place is very clean and welcoming. The staff are extremely friendly and always have smiles on their faces. I have been receiving Glutathione and Vitamin C IV injections as well as their enormous variety of facials. Their prices are extremely reasonable compared to other spa and med clinics. Again, I would definitely recommend this place to both women and men."

-Marj B.

"I'm glad I found BeautyMed Spa thru a friend!! I am so happy with the result of my MESOLIPO.... Mrs.Sylvia is so nice, generous and will really give u time to listen about your concerns.... her staff are friendly and accommodating... I highly recommend BeautyMed Spa!! Wish i could give them 20 stars!!!"

-Jen V.

"All I can say...I just love this place!  I travel all the way from the San Fernando Valley to get my  beauty treatments.  Sylvia and her staff are amazing, not only is my skin now glowing and younger looking in a very short time...but the prices and service is awesome!  I have finally found a place that will keep me looking beautiful and that I can continue afford!"

-Talon P.

"I have been a customer of Beautymed Spa after finding them on YELP...

Pros: Parking is very convenient and the wait time is short to be seen for IV vitamin services. In addition, Beautymed Spa offers Obagi products that are reasonably priced. Sylvia is great and have not had a hard time finding my invisible veins.

Cons: I did not have any cons

Will go back..."

​-Carrie G.

"I did my IV here and it really works. After my first session I felt revived, rejuvenated, and my energy was back after 1 day. Sylvia and Susan - they are very nice and accommodating specially with my schedule. They also give me good deals!! Now I have a new place to hang out.."

-Maimai M.

"Thank you so much to Beauty Med Clinic for improving my looks. I highly recommend this Clinic to anyone who wants and needs derma and wants to have a change to their face... I'm so happy that I decided to do it and I'm pleased with my results. It's a life changing experience for me, every single penny I spent at their clinic is really worth it, they take good care of me and treated me like family. They make me feel special and comfortable. I have been going to them since 2015 and they have boosted my confidence so much over these past few years. They are the best!"

Dianna P.

"I made an appointment with Sylvia after reading great reviews on here. I had some work done and I am extremely satisfied not only with the work, but with the price. Prices probably vary, so I will not go into detail. I have scheduled my second appointment to get more work done. Sylvia is the best at what she does. I strongly recommend her spa."

-Yolanda E.

"Although I live in Vegas now, I still choose to come here with Sylvia. Combination of price and service makes the trip worth it. BeautyMed has been my go to place for the past 5 years. I highly recommend doing the deluxe facial!"

-Sunshine M.

"If you're looking for results then I would recommend Beautymed Spa Wellness & Skin Care Clinic . A friend of mine recommended this place and she was right. Sylvia is very knowledgeable and has the latest technology. The prices are reasonable and the results are great. I took my son when he developed cysts on his eyelids. After taking my son to Sylvia you can't even tell my son had any blemish on his eyes, no scarring at all.  I removed a couple of skin tags and the process was painless.  Recently I underwent a procedure called "face lift" to remove deep scarring. Sylvia explained everything she was doing and took her time to work on my target area, while ensuring I was comfortable at all times. I plan to continue with other services in the future as I am very happy I found an honest, professional person.  There's no pressure to buy things you don't need and she's very straight forward with her recommendations. I'm satisfied with my results so far and can't wait to see even more results in the future."

-Gladys H.

"This place is incredible!  I have been suffering with acne and acne scares for a long time and just three weeks after receiving treatments, my skin is noticeable clearer.  I do not have any more breakouts and the scars are almost completely gone.  Sylvia and the entire staff are extremely knowledgeable on how to treat the skin.  I would recommend this place to anyone who wants clean and clear skin."

​-​Atlee S.

"Beautiful and clean place. Very friendly staff, Mary Ann's advice on how to maintain a radiant and fresh skin always works great for me. You should try the products of Ms. Silvia they are very good and reasonable price."

-Manny D.

"I have very sensitive skin, thanks to Beautymed Spa Wellness and Skin Care, my problem was solved.  

Ms Sylvia is very professional, patient and caring, and she always listen to my concern going above and beyond to help resolve my issues.

I've had different services/treatments here with very satisfying results.

I've been to other spa's but she made the best recommendations/treatment ever... 

Very accommodating and friendly staff, they always find a way to squeeze me on their schedule and they don't push you to buy their product.  

The very best thing/reason why I love this place is "You come in with your concerns and go home comfortable - always with great results".  

I would definitely recommend this place. Check their services, look for Susan, you can reach her @ (310) 787-8880"

-G. M.


Absolutely amazing place! Sylvia and Susan and everyone in this place is awesome! 

The spa is well run, excellent services with excellent results! Beverly Hills high end results without the high end Beverly Hills prices! 

Sylvia is amazing who trained with top doctors in Beverly Hills. Her skills are top notch and delivers the results without those high end prices mostly paid towards the overhead of those expensive places. 

I've been getting the glutathione drip now for quite some time where Sylvia gets from a reputable manufacturer and I'm always feeling rejuvenated and refreshed each time I get it with the youthful beauty benefits! 

At first I was of course nervous about having this done, being a seasoned RN I'm quite cautious about places and especially IV drips going into my body! Thorough research is always done before I decide on doing anything... knowing her awesome staff have also been getting the IV drip for quite sometime with lovely results and no side effects I went ahead with it. Best decision :) 

If I did all my procedures, like the skinfinity anti-aging facial somewhere else with these types of results it would be significantly more $$ Sylvia's place is nice, clean and comfortable without the pretentious Beverly Hills setting, which you're paying mostly for their rent lol

I can relax and come in my sweats and feel totally comfortable at Beauty Med!

Sylvia has taken back more than a decade worth of aging away! 

Thank you Sylvia!! I give beauty med spa more than 5 stars!

-Camilla B.

"I've been going here for quite a while now for gluta and Vit C IV and I am pleased with my progress. This place has the sweetest employees and it seems like they really care about the patients well being. Susan is very accommodating with my schedule and Sylvia is very skilled and genuinely knows what she is doing.  I like that they are straight forward with their prices; the flyers are all over the spa. I highly recommend this spa."

-Shaz P.